Lixouri is the capital of the Paliki peninsula, better known as the Lixouri peninsula. The town is of a modern construction style with a notable harbour and it has a regular ferry link with the harbour of Argostoli across the bay.

Lixouri town is divided into two by a stream which only carries water mainly in winter and the two parts are linked by picturesque little bridges.

Lixouri is 31 kilometres from Argostoli by road and is the second largest town in Kefalonia. It has wide streets, spacious squares and many sights worth seeing. This picturesque town, typical of the Ionian Islands, has changed greatly since the earthquake of 1953. A major factor in this has been the funds contributed towards the reconstruction of the public buildings by wealthy Lixourians. Several statues of eminent local figures, such as the poet Andreas Laskaratos, the freedom-fighter Georgios Typaldos-Iakovatos and others, adorn the town.

The inhabitants of the peninsula are engaged in the cultivation of vines, olives, trade, tourism, and fish-farming. The Lixouri peninsula also has some of Kefaloniaai??i??s finest beaches such as the famous red sand Xi Beach.

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