The island of Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece, with an area of 302 sq. miles and population of 45000. Kefalonia, together with all the other Ionian Islands is a full member of the Greek state since 1864.

Kefalonia economy is based primarily on tourism. Olive oil production is another key economy factor as well as the maritime sector in which Kefalonians are traditionally connected with.

The island was hit by a major earthquake in August 1953 and every house on the island virtually destroyed. The vast majority of population left Kefalonia and the local economy was severely damaged.


The islandAi?? offers a great range of natural beauty, including beaches, caves and beautiful mountains. Mirtos, the most famous of these beaches, is a major tourist attraction, and has been awarded multiple times worldwide for its beauty.

Visit Kefalonia for an authentic, relaxed time and enjoy beautiful sceneries and wonderful beaches in one of the most exciting island of Greece.